City of Dreams Sponsors Bali Digital Fashion Show with Aquacity and MajaLabs

In the picturesque setting of Taman Budaya Art Center in Denpasar, the Bali Digital Festival II unfolded, showcasing a remarkable blend of technology, creativity, and cultural heritage. The event, graced by Governor Wayan Koster, Minister Abdullah Azwar Anas, and Governor Perry Warjiyo, aimed to propel Bali’s digital transformation across various sectors. Among the festival’s highlights was the emergence of Fashion Week in Metaverse, captivating attendees with its groundbreaking concept.

On the second day of the festival, June 3rd, the conference hall buzzed with anticipation as fashion enthusiasts and tech aficionados gathered to witness the convergence of fashion and virtual reality. Sponsored by City of Dreams, the stage became a gateway to a virtual realm where Aquacity designs, brought to life by the visionary Andrian Zakhary of MajaLabs and the talented Digital Fashion Designer Schieva, cast a spell on the audience.

Fashion Week in Metaverse transcends traditional fashion shows by taking them to the digital realm. This novel approach offers a glimpse into the future of fashion exhibitions, where visitors immerse themselves in a virtual world adorned with the latest trends, all powered by VR or AR technology. Aquacity’s enchanting creations took center stage, presenting a stunning display of aquatic-themed garments, gracefully modeled by their Metaverse counterparts.

The day’s discussions revolved around the immense possibilities of the fashion industry in the Metaverse. Beyond its aesthetic allure, this pioneering concept holds the promise of democratizing fashion, breaking free from the confines of physicality, and opening doors to a universe where imagination knows no bounds, an endeavor that City of Dreams is working on tirelessly within its Metaverse.   

City of Dreams partner merchant Aquacity team’s booth provided a gateway to their Metaverse Fashion collection, where visitors experienced firsthand the seamless fusion of fashion and technology. Among the distinguished guests who graced the booth was Governor Wayan Koster, acknowledging the significance of this innovative collaboration between Aquacity and the City of Dreams, one of the festival’s esteemed sponsors.

The Bali Digital Festival 2023 not only showcased the convergence of fashion and virtual reality but also served as a celebration of Bali’s unique cultural identity. With the support of sponsors like the City of Dreams and visionary partners like Aquacity, the event reinforced the importance of this innovation, uniting the realms of fashion and virtual reality to create a captivating tapestry of creativity, culture, and technological marvels.